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House Targaryen - Dragonstone - Layered Wooden Magnet

House Targaryen - Dragonstone - Layered Wooden Magnet

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  • Dragonstone stands strong and mighty in this stunning layered wooden magnet.

    The majestic Dragonstone castle, original seat of House Targaryen in Westeros, is featured against a dark stormy sky. The recognisable stonework walls, sit imposing atop the craggy cliffs of the island. A plaque of the memorable name 'Dragonstone' features near the base in red and silver.

    With the layered design, our wooden magnet truly brings this fictional location a step toward reality, giving a subtle 3D effect.

    On the rear, the magnetic backing is adorned with the official logo of the Game of Thrones Studio Tour.

    Add your favourite Westeros destination to your fridge with our Dragonstone resin magnet!

    L 10cm W 7.6cm

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