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Iron Throne - Classic Rollerball Pen

Iron Throne - Classic Rollerball Pen

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  • Wield your pen like a mighty sword with our Iron Throne Rollerball Pen.

    Housed in a solid plastic display case, the black-ink rollerball pen can be clasped into the rear atop a thin soft lining base.

    The shell of the pen depicts a wrap image of the iconic blades used in forging the mighty Iron Throne.

    The official Game of Thrones Studio Tour name and logo appears both across the body and lid of the pen, with a fine engraving of 'Game of Thrones' detailed around the silver lip of the lid.

    The full design is topped brilliantly with an honorable blade as the metal clip upon the lid. Hooked over your pocket, all will see you're a true honorary knight of Westeros!

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